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Whale Shark: A megalodon was probably slightly larger than a Whale Shark, which can reach lengths around 41 ft.Blue Whale: A megalodon was probably about half the size of a Blue Whale, which can reach lengths of around 94 ft.megalodons were a little larger than the modern day Whale Shark, and over twice as large as a Great White shark. Factors for extinction include changing ocean currents, the loss of it's main food source, competition with Killer Whales, and whale migration into arctic waters.With teeth that could reach over 7 inches and a body more massive than a T-Rex, Megatooth sharks, particularly Carcharocles Megalodon, are undoubtedly the most infamous of all prehistoric sharks. Most paleontologists believe the Megatooth shark lineage dates back to the giant mackerel shark of the Paleocene, Otodus obliquus.Evidence suggests the obvious; this prehistoric shark ate whales and other cetacea for breakfast!It's fossils are almost always found in areas associated with fossil whale bone.According to Gottfried, the weight of a huge 56 foot megalodon would have been around 65 tons (59 metric tons)!

This image shows two views of fossil cetotherium (whale) vertebra.

For more information, here is a great article by Lutz Andres about megalodon evolution.

The megatooth shark was clearly a top predator of its time. Some Megalodon shark teeth found have over a 7 inch slant height.

Otodus was the top predator of the Paleocene oceans.

Throughout the Eocene Otodus teeth became more and more serrated. Regardless of which transitional form is officially called a Carcharocles is a moot point. To learn about Great White shark origins and evolution, go to the GREAT WHITE SHARK GALLERY page.

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