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As stated earlier, it has all the features of a latter day Armstrong.

By mid to late 1971 Ampeg had closed down the production of the Dan Armstrong guitars and the news came as quite a shock to the employees on the production floor at Ampeg.

Again, and according to Dan After hearing Dan say that I became curious if any instruments were made prior to, or after, the point where they stamped the necks with a serial number.

However, if you figure in a fudge factor and remember that the first 100 instruments were experimental, one can say that roughly 3,000 of each were made.For bass necks just reverse the letters - but the numbering scheme would be the same.However, even with serial numbers at your disposal, some Dan Armstrong instruments simply defy description, usually as a result of the time frame, &/or the circumstances they were manufactured under.As seen upper right, and belonging to Craig Johnson, this Dan Armstrong instrument features the highest serial number I have seen to date A2837D which almost certainly was produced extremely close to the end of the production run of these instruments.When asked about the actual number of instruments produced from 1969 to 1971 Dan had said which I originally took to mean 6,000 guitars and 6,000 basses.

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As seen at center, another Dan Armstrong guitar with a very high serial number A2813D belonging to John Mc Cutchan which was produced even closer to the end days of production.

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