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To be honest I never expected to do this ever again, this was not on my radar at all." "It’s a bit strange to look back and think, a year ago I said I wasn’t gonna do any of this!

But, thanks to a friend of mine who wanted to hear what I’d been up to, and I played it for a couple more friends, here I am.

I like the natural setting where a rock band should be, on stage and in the dark.” “You can expect us to leave it all on stage to be honest.

I’m very excited, I just made a set list so I’m pretty psyched on that, it’s going to be a good one.

;) 9 March 2008 he proposed to his girlfriend Jamia Nester in the recording of Welcome To The Black Parade at Eyeball Records: they never said where they got married; soon they had twins Cherry & Lilly Iero in September 2010.

He has 9 dogs: Pepper, Mama, Houdini, Bela, Texas, Sweet Pea, Professor Buckley, Sinatra & Daisy, their breeds are unknown. Plus to sum it up: he is a sexy beast, who everyone loves so much including me!

I’ve gotten that question recently of: “I don’t understand why you have to go on tour, other kids daddies don’t have to go on tour.” That’s a gut-wrenching question to hear." "But when I think about it, it definitely has to be about the quality and not the quantity, and if I were just a regular guy working a regular job, how many hours a day would I get to see my kids? When I’m home 24/7 it’s all about them.” “Yeah, I’m working on it now.

I didn’t ever expect to play it to anyone, let alone release it and tour with it.

#Happiest Place On Earf Disney world is a lot like the real world; 6billion people all stepping on each other pretending they are the only ones who matter, but in Disney they all dress like professional golfers on acid.

#Happiest Place On Earf A post shared by frnkiero (@frankieromustdie) on “At the moment I would say it’s ‘neverenders’.” “I love coming to festivals to see a bunch of bands, I do get exposed to things that I hadn’t heard before.

But are not dating, as they are married, which is obviously to cover up their love for eachother.

According to most fans of My chemical romance, including me, they do have a thing.

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