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Coupled with Apple’s newest mobile operating system, i OS 11, ARKit opens the door to new and exciting business ideas for augmented reality.

With the augmented reality market projected to reach 0 billion by 2024, now is the time for investors and innovators to capitalize on the AR platform Apple has provided.

Targeted data can be easily selected for use in standard apps.

The business potential of making multi-layers of data accessible through an interactive, visual interface is enormous.

Overlook the intermittent glitches, and it’s easy to imagine how cool this technology will be once perfected.

Imagine James Bond, Wolverine in action around you, or your favorite musician, performing live and center stage in your living room.

The new Apple AR platform promises to offer a great deal more and promises new AR business opportunities in this lucrative market.

Using a single image to make depth predictions, a convolutional neural network is able to filter images against a corresponding depth value.No doubt, many developers are already moving their i Phones about in the air as they contemplate the possibilities.According to recent statistics, online dating is responsible one-fifth of committed relationships and 17% of marriages. The bad news is that in order to use an online dating service, you have to be…well, online.Combined with existing 3D mapping applications, such as Occipital, the possibilities are limitless.As with any new and powerful tool, it is impossible to say how ARKit will be used.

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The power of ARKit pushes AR development to entirely new levels, enabling app companies to create augmented reality apps that entertain and empower us as never before.

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