Bi dating woman

After coming out with a big personal admission, men need reassurance too.

The blog is still been read and the comments still published.

If a woman doesn’t seem to be able to move on, or keeps throwing her hurt back in the face of the man, then the relationship is on borrowed time, particularly if the woman failure to empathise earlier has created emotional distance.

We wont wait very long for women to get over something if they singularly fail to recognise they have hurt us in the process.

All I know is I was left with the impression that it wasn’t entirely OK to be gay.

At the time this wasn’t hugely damaging to my psyche, I was more interested in playing GI JOE with my brother than figuring out my orientation.

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Yesterday the LGBT press was literally cooing at the news of a 7 year-old boy coming out as ‘Gay’.

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