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If your friend is a firstborn, answer this question (otherwise you may leave it blank).Did your friend experience significant conflict with one (or both) parents?

The analysis is written specifically for you by William Cane, author of The Art of Kissing and The Birth Order Book of Love, so you know it has to be accurate.Significant conflict is defined as conflict greater than that experienced by 4 out of 5 of your friends. (For example: "My boyfriend experienced a lot of conflict with his mother when he was growing up, although they get a long a little better now.") 15. If there's a third person you're interested in, and you wish to know who is a better match for you, provide here all the relevant birth order info for this third person, including name, sex, age, number and gender of siblings, age gap between siblings, and an indication of whether there was any loss of a parent or sibling or significant parental conflict.Provide any other relevant information about you and the person you're interested in. If the person you're interested in experienced the loss of a parent or sibling (before he or she reached age 17) through death, divorce, mental illness, or separation, please explain how old your friend was at the time of the loss, and the nature of the loss.(For example: "My girlfriend's father died when she was 13.") 14.

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