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See, the problem is, we really like to lie to ourselves.We especially like to do it to make ourselves seem superior.Stupidity, as you can see, isn’t the same as simply being better but he or she keeps doing the wrong thing anyway. Here are my three points: Pinoys Are NOT Attentive Okay, let’s talk about my previous article, the one with the Al Dub photo.How many people do you think actually read the whole article before reacting?Ladies and gentlemen, it is our inability to read between the lines and listen to what is not being said that has ruined us time and time again.As I’ve said in my article about President Aquino’s “Straight Path”, it just good but one has to ask what is it really and what has it achieved for us as a nation?We never even stop to consider the possibility that they might even be right and that it is we who needs to apologize to them and not the other way around.

Better yet, how many do you think simply let their own emotions answer them instead of considering what they’ve read first?

In the comments section alone, as I’ve mentioned in the article I wrote before this one, I have commented multiple times that I was not the one who chose the photo and that the article itself had nothing to do with the Al Dub couple in the first place.

However, one can note that many commenters simply assumed that I was attacking the Al Dub couple and its supporters without even bothering to look at the comments I’ve made on the issue.

See, refusing to answer these questions aren’t going to disprove them.

Denying them is like sweeping rotting food under the carpet.

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