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We compared 10 different tire brands and styles across to identify the best tires for the most situations.

For most people, the best tire will be an all-weather tire, like our top overall pick the Goodyear Assurance Triple Tred All-Season.

We focused on reputable, big-name companies that offer great service, long treadwear warranties and great availability.

While these tires will be more expensive than some discount tires you might find at a shop, we feel the added security of longer warranties and a well-known brand are worth the extra cost.

The General Tire Altimax Arctic is our top pick for snow tires because they come with the option of inserting metal studs for additional traction.These tires feature multiple sipes, or cuts across the top of the tire, that help it grip wet surfaces.These grooves cover 270-degrees on the tire surface, for extra grip on slippery roads.All-season tires give you traction in all types of weather, making them the best tire for people who live in areas where seasonal changes bring different driving conditions.The Triple Tred All-Season has three distinct sections of grooves and treads to give control in dry, wet and snowy weather.

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