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The research scientists, led by Kira Westaway of Macquarie University in Australia, also accurately dated the teeth by means of combining multiple processes.Luminescence and uranium-series techniques were applied to the bone-bearing sediments and speleothems (mineral deposits from the cave), this was then coupled with uranium-series and electron spin resonance dating of the teeth.Ancient teeth from a Sumatran archaeological site have pushed back the colonization of Southeast Asia by up to 20 000 years.The location of the cave site strongly suggests that the local human population was already well adapted to living in dense jungle environments by this period.One legitimate complaint associated with Duboi’s research was the lack of due scientific process leading to uncertainties on the dating of his finds.The Lidar Ajer teeth were eventually identified as being those of modern humans, after detailed examination by Dirk Hooijer, the Dutch paleontologist.In 2009, paleoanthropologists uncovered a partial skull, jaw fragments and teeth at the Tam Pa Ling cave site in Laos.

A group of archaeological researchers have found a remarkable cave site in Kenya that illustrates the history of human tools from the early days of hunter-gathers, dating back 78,000 years, through the Iron Age.d, The underlying flowstone from area 2 was sampled for U-series dating (LA-F3).e, The calcite column from area 3 was sampled for U-series dating (LA-F2).Additional research will be required to understand what forces drove these people into the difficult rain forest environments, and how early this began to occur.One thing that can certainly be concluded at this stage in the investigation is that any migration beginning on the Africa plains somewhere between 70 – 60 thousand years ago is unsatisfactory as the explanation for modern humans living on the coasts of northern Australia over 65 thousand years ago, and other groups being well adapted to deep jungle life on Sumatra over 63 000 years ago. Fenton, Ancient Sources: An early modern human presence in Sumatra 73,000–63,000 years ago – Nature The Oldest Human Fossils in Southeast Asia?

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