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What form their imaginations take remains to be seen.While early adopters might gleefully muck about inside, Altspace VR will need compelling activities or extraordinarily vivid digital face-to-face communication to eventually keep the laymen tuned in.I cock my head sideways and throw up a triumphant fist just like in most of my meatspace selfies. It’s reasonable to suspect I might be taking a lot more meetings on the virtual plane in the near future. Backed by Google Ventures, the VR communication platform lets dozens of people from anywhere in the world share a virtual space. Virtual reality could make you actually feel like you’re sitting next to them. Altspace VR was founded in 2013 and has since absorbed .2 million in funding from investors, including Google Ventures, Formation 8, Dolby, Tencent, Rothenberg Ventures, Haystack, Promous, Maven, Startcaps, Lux, Promus, Foundation, and SV Angel.Back in 1994, intrepid explorers of a digital frontier banded together to commune and communicate. After several weekend-long experiments, Altspace is permanently thrusting open the doors of its VR chat room. Led by Romo, a former Space X propulsion lead analyst, its 15-person team is trying to build a social software bridge between the fragmented VR headset makers.At one point, Romo loads what I can only describe as VR drugs.Like a hallucination or something out of Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, Romo presses a button and a school of fish start swimming through the air around us. This is Java Script,” he beams as we move a few life-sized chess pieces around.Some simple code and a few 3D models, and Altspace VR’s platform lets anyone create a virtual-reality experience multiple people can enjoy at once.

Built to work a little like the Gunter personalised rooms in Ready Player One, it comes pre-built with a few stock rooms to hang out in, with public and private spaces, but the real joy is in the community built rooms.Security might not let the screaming fangirls near Justin Bieber in real life, but there’s no danger in letting them crowd around and ask questions virtually.Charging for these kinds of events or otherwise allowing users to pay for more premier experiences could turn Altspace VR into a business.On the other end of the Internet from Tech Crunch’s SF headquarters is Eric Romo . “If you design the physics of the interaction correctly, people follow the patterns they do in real life.” Binaural, directional audio means you can tell if someone behind you is talking, and you’ll hear their voice fade if you wander away.The CEO is also jacked into Altspace, the virtual reality chat room his startup built. And through a new partnership with Senso Motoric Instruments, Altspace VR will soon be able to track your eye movements so you can squint at someone when you’re skeptical, or look up at someone with puppy-dog eyes inside VR.

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They weren’t the first, but the fact that they didn’t have to build it themselves allowed a much wider range of perspective to flow through the new medium. There’s now a place for headset-wearers in their bedrooms and basements to congregate 24/7/365. Altspace VR runs on a Mac Book Pro with a suped-up graphic chip, meaning you won’t need a hard-core gaming PC to run it.

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