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I work in the design field, and my small company was recently acquired by a multinational firm.We’ve known that each summer the entire company is invited to three-day company-wide meeting.You can say the things that would get a reasonable person to back off, and even most pushy people.But if she’s gone off the rails and is determined to stay there, all you can do is to keep using the language above.Sansa says no amount of money is worth living under those conditions.Arya keeps telling Sansa she has to go and is pressuring me to talk her into going.

We cannot continue to pressure her, and she won’t change her mind if we do.

She wouldn’t be in one of the main or large cities so the compound and her living space would be small.

She would have to wear black robes and covered hair every time she went outside.

My boss (Arya) wants one of the people I manage (Sansa) to go there to work.

It’s not a niche area but Sansa is the only person at our company with the relevant knowledge and experience. She cites the restrictions she would be under: She would have to live in a building or compound with other foreign workers.

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