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Ok listen..someone shoots me for giving a voice to those in need and caring likely too much about in justice instead of just having fun and only playing with diamonds, shopping and lunching with... Published In June 2018 25% Of The Cover Price Is Donated To The Global Wedding Charity Fund Initiative “LOVE... It's like Yelp, but for journalists' and media outlets'… ' Sow A Seed Of Hope' Reserve Your Own Uniquely Numbered, Commemorative Souvenir, Limited Edition Book Now! Read what Zeitblatt had to say about me and my converage of the Royal Weddging a week ago today! @toryshulman @Schaumburg Lippe @chrisshipitv @Caliativity @The Perez Hilton @reallorraine @BMSF_UK… The public will have the ability to rate the media?This prince is pulling a reverse Aladdin and going to hide the secret that he is a prince and tell the women he is just one of us poor common folk. There are a few extremely toasted women auditioning, but in unusual Patti fashion, she actually lets one drunkard come to the mixer. She also explains to one of the hopefuls that being a dog lover equals being a good mother.She calls the girl Lindsay Lohan (I smell a lawsuit coming! She should have headed the Casey Anthony defense team with this piece of knowledge. Just kidding, its Daniel who has a JT makeover complete with a fly hat that he explains Patti bought him.

Patti Stanger explains to her friends that she is dating and has been seeing some foreign dude.It's probably because he looks dorky and acts the same way. She said he looked much older than his 27 years, so she wanted to make him age appropriate. Despite his new appearance, he was still intimidated when he found out that the other guy at his mixer is a prince.I see what Patti's saying in the love department, but I think she was still too harsh. Prince Max was the second millionaire Max is a German prince. His claim to fame is that whoever he marries will be called a princess.He also likes comics, which is probably a turn off to some women. (He actually stepped up and showed a romantic side later in the episode.) Patti's first order of business was to get Daniel a makeover.While Daniel was clearly an awesome guy, Patti Stanger was quick to insult him. She took him shopping and made him shave his face and get a haircut.

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He shows her the true meaning of elegance and reveals his secret of being a prince.

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