Classification essay on dating

Abusers can people the class clown, nerd, or even the popular guy; it is a person who people normally don’t expect.“It’s not something you can tell by how someone looks, where they come from, where they grew up, how they grew up, or what they wear” (Reece).

Once the abuser first lays his or her hands on their partner that is when the relationship gets risky and the partner should get help.

“A relationship is never going to just be all sunshine and happiness.

Arguments do happen, but in positive and healthy relationships neither party should ever use physical force to get what they want” (Reece).

Having a partner who is extremely jealous is another sign especially when the partner gets angry when the victim talks to another guy who is just a friend.

When the relationship becomes abusive, it’s a clear sign to get help immediately trying to then end the relationship with the abuser.

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