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As with all reviews we registered as members on the site and the full report is available for you to read below.

Using a new technique that we have used in the last few reviews we can now identify images that are used in fake dating profiles and we can see exactly what site those images have been taken from.

Something to note is that our profile is empty with no photos in it all.

This in itself makes us suspicious of any emails we receive from women.

After doing a couple of image searches on photographs used in the dating profiles and found them on amateur porn sites it leads us to believe that many of the profiles on this site are in fact faked and fraudulent.

I thought the reviews might be disgruntled people or w-e. They will not refund, many of the matches are canned same profile with a different picture. I AGREE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME , ENERGY OR DREAMS ON THIS SITE. One guy was on a horse and you see the horse but he was cut off at the waist so you can't see his face. I see they have started up their ads again and these "couples" that met on e Harmony tell you they are not actors, they are real people that met on the site.

EHARMONY IS A SCAM AND NEEDS TO HAVE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT BROUGHT AGAINST THEM! If you have to make a disclaimer that's like admitting their ads are false.

In this particular case we are not 100% sure if this site is actually involved in the use of automated boss or not.This in itself is definitely not a crime however many dating sites that we have reviewed have used deceptive business tactics such as the use of automated email messages that are sent to people with free memberships.When the person tries to read those email messages they are requested to upgrade before they can read the messages.However in any case as they say if it sounds too good to be true it is.In this case if it looks too good to be true then it is as well.

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