Consolidating spreadsheets

If you do end up having to send a final notice to a client it is important that you don’t make empty threats but be prepared to follow through with collection measures.Often a firm letter on solicitors’ letterhead will get more immediate results.

Their ability to holistically take care of our financial and book keeping needs has been invaluable and allowed us to focus on core activities.These letters should range from a friendly reminder to a final notice:1st letter – short and friendly reminder, can be included on statement page2nd letter – follow up to reminder, more direct and less cordial than the first3rd letter – demand payment within 7 days or threaten legal action4th letter – demand payment and state legal proceedings will be started by a certain date.Keep in mind that the goal of these letters should be to retain customer goodwill as well as to encourage prompt payment.I have been a client of Accounting for you Future for over 20 years – from when they were a small Company starting up to help small businesses with their BAS.Since then they have grown into an accounting firm which is professional, yet they have never lost their personal touch.

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