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I as the husband wish to take pictures for my personal collection, all of which will have your identity completely blanked out and they will not be shown to anyone or distributed outside of our home.My wife is very attractive and she has a fantastic body, you will thoroughly enjoy fucking her.Now we have taken it a step further and I find myself chastised.

Are you a strong and powerful hot wife looking to exert your dominant powers by openly cheating on your weak and submissive husband?From those seeking a stud to pleasure the hot wife while the husband watches bound and tied up to those seeking a fuck date with the husbands knowledge but not present in the room.If you are a married couple looking to register please be clear in your profile what level you like to go to and what should be expected of the dominant male applicant. I am happy for her to be this way as long as I get to watch her in a threesome with two other males.Married couples seeking dominant men to join them in the bedroom.Does the thought of fucking another mans wife appeal to you?

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