Dating a sex addict relationship advice

The person I knew was one of the most caring, sensitive and all-around amazing people I've ever met in my life.He'd been there for me in some pretty difficult times throughout the years we'd known each other, and I trusted him implicitly. It started with some porn in the background here, the odd bizarre request there.I continued to see him as the person I'd gotten to know over the course of our friendship, not as this self-described sex addict. I went along with it, thinking that we were just working out the kinks (no pun intended). I'm not sure if there's ever a good way to ask your partner about having a threesome, but I can certainly say that over text a mere six months into your relationship is never a good call.But here I was, sitting at work typing away on some mind-numbing document when a little alert flashed across my phone."I just asked a girl I used to hook up with if she wants to have a threesome with us."I think I must have either audibly yelped or something, because my coworker immediately popped her head over the edge of our cubicle to make sure I was OK and hadn't caught my finger in the stapler again.

It often enables the addicted person to not hit a bottom and have the possibility of getting well or a complete divorce from the situation.I know that Greg's addiction is, ultimately, the reason we had to break off our romantic relationship, but I don't fault him for it. His addiction didn't make him any less of a person, and it didn't make our relationship any less real or valid.It doesn't change the fact that, in retrospect, this was the happiest, most secure relationship of my life.Frankly, that sounded preferable to a threesome with some random girl my current boyfriend used to have sex with.Literally, At its most basic level, happiness is the crux of any successful relationship.

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