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Half the reason that people fight is because they pay attention to their own internal feelings of anger instead of just respectfully and lovingly paying attention to the other person.4) Forgive yourself and forgive him I doubt that he means to fight with you and I know that you don’t mean to fight with him.How to prepare for relationship change: a) Realize your half of the responsibility. Blaming is the delusional belief that you somehow can make the other person change by making them feel bad. b) Realize that you will need to keep your urges in check.When you take the time to notice what you’re doing that is feeding into the fighting and arguments, it will shift your focus to self-improvement and off of blaming. When you commit to stop feeding into the fighting and arguments, there are going to be several times where you feel the urge to fight and argue.

When two egos get involved in a fight, they tear the relationship between them into shreds.Men and women can both become “addicted” to needing to win arguments and fights.And, like an addiction, they become unconcious to the huge price they are paying and the destruction they are doing to themselves, their relationships and the people around them.It will almost feel like the other person is baiting you to fight or egging you on.You need to commit to your gameplan and refuse to feed into the problem.

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