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Regardless of the reasons for the disproportion between the sexes, they would lead to monogamy, the marriage of one man to one woman—marriage as it most commonly exists in modern civilized societies.In communities where men were scarce, a woman would try to hold the affections of one man to be assured of his protection and a constant supply of food.For another, among those tribes and nations who were constantly at war with each other, there would inevitably be a scarcity of men in proportion to the women.And even though the women of the conquered foe were usually considered among the spoils of war, more were killed in the bloody battles than were dragged off as unwilling mates of the victors.Anthropologists and various scientists of social behavior theorize that from the earliest tribal gatherings, young people have hoped to attract favorable attention to themselves as potential marriage partners by spending a great deal of time in ornamenting, mutilating, painting, and tattooing themselves, much as they do in contemporary times.In the early developmental stages of courtship, those tribal cultures that permitted their young to have some role in the selection of their mates might dictate that if there were two or more suitors for the hand of a woman, the men would have to wrestle and fight for the opportunity to become the victorious husband.It is because the dual structural nature of Japanese society and culture sustains the traditional family culture in the minds of even the young people in Japan today.Upon giving births to their first babies, cohabiting couples are most likely to resolve their cohabiting unions by the traditional marriage.

In either case, quite likely the women involved in the union probably had been captives before they were wives.Among many primitive tribal peoples even today, a marriage is not solemnized until the first child is born, and if no child is born the man is at liberty to leave the woman.Biologists have long noted that among the lower animals the natural instinct is to protect the young and supply food for their subsistence. Recently, young Japanese have had difficulty finding ideal marriage partners; hence, there emerged a nationwide phenomenon of the delayed marriage.Furthermore, many Japanese men and women remain single their entire lives (1920, about 2 % for both men and women; 2010, 20 % for men and 11 % for women).

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