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He offers, instead, a more accurate account of their arrival in the colony: "Thus, between the 1st of January and the 13th of May, 1765," Gayarr relates, "about six hundred and fifty Acadians had arrived at New Orleans, and from that town had been sent to form settlements in Attakapas and Opelousas, under the command of Andry.In one of his despatches to his government, the Commissary Foucault observed that these settlements would, in a few years, rise to considerable importance...." Gayarr says nothing of Acadian settlements above the German Coast in the context of the 1765 arrivals but places them there a few years later, during the early Spanish period.For example, we know that the Acadians who disembarked in South Carolina had no trouble getting permission to leave.Among those exiled to other American colonies, a number of them headed for the Mississippi either by sea, or by following certain rivers.

Later in the twentieth-century, however, Louisiana and Canadian historians resurrected the 1750s-overland myth.Despite his careful research, however, he missed entirely the arrival of the Acadians from Georgia in February 1764.Not so the next author of a multi-volume history of Louisiana.On May 4," Fortier continues, "Foucault announced the arrival of eighty more Acadians, whom he intended to send to the Attakapas; and on May 18, of forty-eight Acadian families, which he sent also to the Opelousas and the Attakapas.On November 16, 1766, Foucault announced the arrival from Halifax[sic] of two hundred and sixteen Acadians.

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They settled above the Germans coast, on both sides of the Mississippi, and in course of time their plantations connected the latter settlement with that of Baton Rouge and Pointe Coupee.

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