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It has primarily been the atheist and communist circles that has refuted the idea of Vedas being divine, despite agreeing on Vedas being oldest.This is primarily driven from their founding assumption – that we all are chemical reactions and nothing more than that.Many scholars have called this the greatest wonder of human civilization.Someone like Abdullah Tariq, the mentor of Zakir Naik and celebrated Islamic scholar, also vociferously asserts that Vedas are the first divine texts.

The basic foundation of this claim of Rishis being authors of mantras is presence of word ‘Mantrakarta’ or its root in various forms. However we shall begin with some logical as well as historical evidences that clearly imply that Rishis cannot be considered authors or creators of the Vedic mantras.

Even Zakir Naik does not refute it, even though he does not state it so clearly owing to his Wahabi foundation.

However he does try to manipulate Vedic mantras to try to show Muhammad’s prediction in them.

The logical flaws and unexplained questions that arise from this assumption of these ‘atheist/communist chemical reactions’ is not the focus of this article.

What is interesting is that the baton of the atheists has now been taken by several Muslim apologetics who have come up with a series of articles refuting Vedas of divine status.

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We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators.

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