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Little did I know that the dating scene in San Francisco is a little from that of the rest of the state.

Even Broke Ass Stuart agrees that the dating scene here is weird.

If you’re in the city and your love interest is in the East Bay, it’s an even taller order.

(Real talk, though: why does it cost almost to get from the Outer Richmond to downtown San Francisco, but from downtown Oakland to Union Square? )On the flip side, the person gets extra points if they live close to your office, yoga studio, gym or other place of frequent visitation.

We were changing the demensions a little bit, were changing the wood, were changing the neck radically, we were looking for a different composition to the bridge, and of course with Larry (Di Marzio, ndlr) we were taking the pickups to a complete different place.

It’s amazing to think that this line that started as a clay model is now a line that’s been accepted by guitar players around the world, and of course it’s been my instrument of expression.

I’m all for being an independent woman and making — and spending — my own money.

But some people are all about spending their honey’s money.

From the old JS1 to the current JS2450 the JS series kept on evolving, going from 22 to 24 frets, refining the body shape, refining the neck shape and material, changing the bridge, working on better electronics with Di Marzio, varying the woods and proposing a huge amount of finishes.

For more than twenty-seven years now the JS guitar series continues to innovate and please guitar players.

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