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Mrs Bertarelli, pictured performing on stage on the left, and her husband Ernesto have a combined fortune of £9.65 billion.

That domineering mentality lies at the heart of the drama in Italy, the Eurozone's third- largest economy, where a coalition with widespread public support has effectively been barred from office because of Eurosceptic views'.

The show's successful comeback season ended last week, but it had yet to be picked for broadcast or streaming in the UK.

Vicky and Steven Huddleston (pictured top) took out critical illness insurance to cover their mortgage in the event that one of them became ill.

Kirsty Bertarelli, who grew up in Staffordshire, has been named as the third richest woman in the UK.

She owns a string of luxury homes including a £100m yacht (inset).

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Shirley, pictured with her father Henry Dennis, right, on her wedding day in 1980, has managed to complete two Open University degrees despite her disability.

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