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If not satisfied return the item for Full Refund if applicable. I always cordially “try” to work any situation out to a win-win result.

67-69 MUSTANG LIGHTER ASSEMBLY, NEW New reproduction cigarette lighter.

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Inside the top of the pocket lighters is a spare flint container.

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Custom Scripto Vu-Lighter Gold Nugget and Tiger Eye Inserts This Custom Scripto Vu-Lighter Sports a Gold Nugget and Tiger Eye Inserts and has a Black Color Band A unique lighter has alot going for it. Shovel and Pick glued to the outside along with a genuine gold nugget. A Very Interesting piece for the Scripto Vu-Lighter Collectors. Enjoy If a Scripto-Vu lighter is left to dry out, the seals can deteriorate so the new owner must maintain it.

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