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  1. My obnoxious mood was the result of the recent abandonment by my husband. The loneliness was overwhelming and I naïvely assumed an innocent date would be the cure. Images of me snarling “Make My Day” as I gradually inched out the same cool one-sided grin that Clint Eastwood flaunts in Dirty Harry danced in my head, with gun in hand.

  2. Now the Culture Club singer — real name George O’Dowd — has finally plucked up the courage to publicly address the scandal in a warts ’n’ all chat with Piers Morgan on his ITV Life Stories show tomorrow night. Every time we did see each other, we got on brilliantly. “I always felt like not talking about it was dignified. There is no way on God’s earth this would happen if I had not been on drugs. He recalled: “When I was in prison a lot of my friends blew me away. “My friend told me to go with him to a meeting and I went and it was awful but then I thought, ‘This is where I need to be’. It might sound a bizarre comparison but if you put a plate of cakes in front of people they will eat them even if they are not hungry.” Things got so bad that his younger brother David appeared on national television with Terry Wogan to beg him to stay off the drugs.