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It's about identifying your specific problems, whether they be about eating or exercise, and taking specific, easy steps to make the change.Loved this book and was immediately inspired to live healthier than I have been.He is very lean, eats very well, and is in good shape.The book made me really introspective and I realized I was the Big Fat Boyfriend (BFB).It’s got some really great advice, though, for anyone who feels like their lifestyle changed for the worse due to the negative influence of their partner.It preaches good habits, like to never diet and that you I bought this book years ago when I was a weight-loss counsellor for Jenny Craig, read a few chapters and then stopped. Also, I think it was more age appropriate when I bought it as a lot of the girls she interviews are in their early 20s. Right carries some baggage: his disastrous eating habits. Right carries some baggage: his disastrous eating habits.

Whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds or improve your fitness, we understand that you might be concerned about dinner dating when dieting, but you really needn’t be.

The writing is good, very to the point and Bergen wastes few words on rhetoric.

It's not the "starve yourself" option or the cut carb option or all the other diet-like crap that's out there.

He's also not the one keeping me in bed when I should be up and at 'em, working out. Bergen keeps it really fun, lighthearted and simple all while inspiring you to eat better and get your but moving.

Plus, I literally laughed out loud a couple of times.

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