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Georgie has handled their break-up with admirable restraint amid press reports that she was ‘dumped’ by Dec ‘out of the blue’ because ‘he wasn’t ready for marriage and babies’.‘My focus right now isn’t on a new relationship,’ says Georgie.The first – and more shaming – is her arrest a month ago for being over the drink-drive limit.Georgie was on her way home in her black Porsche from a Sunday lunch party when she was stopped by police in Chelsea and breathalysed.‘This forms part of the sale contract and is therefore legally binding,’ he says.‘We would always recommend a buyer view the property just before exchange and completion, just to ensure the property is in the condition they expect.’‘If nothing is forthcoming, the buyer would be able to apply for an action in the Small Claims Court against the seller.Georgie Thompson is struggling to hold up the black evening dress she is wearing for the YOU photos.

‘But even the timber frame had been ripped from the walls. It was insane.’Licensed conveyancer Ed Percival, from Premier Property Lawyers, says a buyer should always be provided with a Fixtures and Fittings, or 'Home Contents', list completed by the seller to indicate exactly what is and isn't being taken.

But from the other side of the camera it isn’t possible to see how constrained and uncomfortable she is as she smiles gamely for the photographer.‘The preconception – and actually misconception – when people see these photos is that I am really glamorous, but I am really not.

No one will see the pins or my Spanx shorts underneath. People think, “How glamorous to be broadcasting live about tennis from a studio at Wimbledon”, but what they don’t see is the rain and the wind blowing through the studio and me having to change my clothes and redo my make-up between live links,’ she says with a laugh that is as deep as her voice.

If the items taken are more significant, for example kitchen or bathroom fittings, this would constitute a fundamental breach of the contract and the buyer would have the option to rescind the contract rather than completing.’‘What was going to be a two week process became a major refurb,’ says Declan.

‘I went every night after work – this was when I was working in advertising – often sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

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