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Using the slogan “The customer is always right” abusive customers can demand just about anything – they’re right by definition, aren’t they?This makes the employees’ job that much harder, when trying to rein them in.If you just can't decide on a vacation, Greece is your answer. Greece: the birthplace of drama, philosophy, democracy, and a perfect vacation destination no matter what kind of getaway you're looking for.If you just can't decide on a vacation, Greece is your answer. These pre-built packages provide the most economical means to travel.They bumped it up to Herb’s [Kelleher, CEO of Southwest] desk, with a note: ‘This one’s yours.’ In sixty seconds, Kelleher wrote back and said, ‘Dear Mrs. Love, Herb.'” Gordon Bethune is a brash Texan (as is Herb Kelleher, coincidentally) who is best known for turning Continental Airlines around “From Worst to First,” a story told in his book of the same title from 1998.

Explore an otherworldly landscape of sheer cliffs topped with Byzantine monasteries in Meteora.

CEO Hal Rosenbluth wrote an excellent book about their approach called Put The Customer Second – Put your people first and watchem kick butt.

Rosenbluth argues that when you put the employees first, they put the customers first.

When he’d finished the task and returned to the office, he told management about his experience. Just like Kelleher dismissed the irate lady who kept complaining (but somehow also kept flying on Southwest), Service Gruppen fired a bad customer.

Note that it was not even a matter of a financial calculation – not a question of whether either company would make or lose money on that customer in the long run.

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