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Likewise, if one spouse believes that career is the top priority and the other puts family first, the argument will be eternal- either by outward criticism and fighting or by going underground with general dissatisfaction or depression.

Whether one spouse should stay home with young children is a subcategory of this issue. Sometimes evil needs to be confronted, even with violence.

Consider that some values may initially appeal to you but upon deeper reflection (the statement that follows each value) you realize that you don’t always hold them as a priority.

To identify the factors that influence educational assortment in an online dating setting, we analyse 219,013 participant contacts by 41,936 members of the Australian online dating web site RSVP over a four-month period.

This doesn’t mean that both spouses have to have the same religion, but both must value a spiritual dimension of life. Some people are too kind and others take advantage of them.

Another important common value is one’s attitude towards having children.

These will not change without violating one’s integrity and conscience.

I would never want a spouse to violate his/her conscience in order to please a mate, but sometimes one spouse may be too scrupulous. I don’t plan on having an affair but who knows the future.

Early in my career, when I taught high school or college students about marriage, I’d say that communication was the key in choosing a mate and keeping a marriage healthy. Good communication is not enough Yes, good communication is essential to a thriving marriage, BUT, it is not sufficient and probably not the most important criteria for choosing a mate.

I say this because in my counseling I repeatedly came across couples who had learned the right communication skills and could use them.

For example, one night a week she goes to a prayer group and he plays his favorite sport. Try a short exercise to determine how close you and your spouse are on basic marriage values.

He supports her and does not interfere with her Sunday worship, even though he doesn’t find it important for himself. COMMON VALUES ASSESSMENT Circle the values that are most important to you.

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One partner may really want children and feels marriage would not be complete without a child, while the other is ambivalent or, worse, thinks children would impinge upon their lifestyle.

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