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Instead, our society, including its legal system, imposes on women various prices in the form of social humiliation for exercising their sexuality.

This policing mechanism, however veiled, prevents women from leveraging their sexual resource into other forms of economic or social power, thus preserving a patriarchal social order well into the modern age.

During its lifetime, every living organism assimilates carbon and in particular a certain proportion of Carbon 14.

After its death, the amount of radiocarbon it contains and its radioactivity decrease over time according to an exponential curve.

The extent of female sexuality The extent of female sexuality refers to the amount of women’s sexual activities.

The prevailing cultural attitude toward the extent of female sexuality has always been ambivalent.

Thus, the prevailing Madonna-Whore distinction expresses men’s ambivalent wish to see their female partner as both a pure gracious lady and a wild cheap slut.

Indeed, embedded in our culture and language are opposing attitudes to women and men who have had sexual relationships with many people.

In line with the theory of sexual economy, they describe heterosexual sexual activity as occurring in a market in which sex constitutes a resource and where female sexuality is of significantly greater value than male sexuality.

According to such a view, it would be plausible to assume that women could convert their ownership of the sexual resource into other forms of symbolic capital and into economic and social power. They further claim that modern society, which has yet to overcome the supremacy of patriarchy, has in fact developed complex cultural and legal strategies to prevent women from using their sexual resources to promote their flourishing.

The prevailing attitude downplays men’s involvement (because “after all, he is a man”), while criticizing similar behavior from women (since “women take sex more seriously”).

This attitude actually denies women’s ability to enjoy sex purely for its own sake—because women are assumed to take sex more seriously and expected to engage in it only with the love of their life.

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