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She says it was her family that shunned her, not the other way around."My door is open", Schlessinger has said, on those rare occasions when she mentions her sister.Schlessinger apologized the following day, and announced the next week that she would stop her program at the end of 2010.After the furor passed, Schlessinger announced that instead of ending her show, she would simply move it from syndication to Sirius XM.She had an unpleasant encounter with a "female rabbi", but says she later "found her Judaism" with the help of a "male rabbi" at a Conservative synagogue.In 1996 Schlessinger and her son Deryk converted to Conservative Judaism, then switched to Orthodox Judaism in 1998.In October of 1998, this and other naked photos of Schlessinger appeared on the internet.The photographer was Schlessinger's ex-boyfriend Ballance, but as the woman in the photos was so much younger than the present-day Schlessinger, she simply lied at first -- stating that it was a different woman.

(Her partially decomposed corpse had been on the floor of her apartment for two months before being discovered, and has reportedly told friends she is an only child.Her first radio appearance was in 1974, as a caller on Bill Ballance's show in Los Angeles.She became a regular caller, and later a guest on Ballance's show, as he became her mentor in radio, and her first known extramarital affair.AKA Laura Catherine Schlessinger Born: 16-Jan-1947Birthplace: Brooklyn, NYGender: Female Religion: Christian Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Radio Personality Nationality: United States Executive summary: The Dr.Laura Show At its peak or popularity in the 1990s, Laura Schlessinger's syndicated radio show had about 500 affiliates and over 10-million listeners.

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"If you're gay or a lesbian, it's a biological error that inhibits you from relating normally to the opposite sex.

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