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Perhapa 10.000 to -20.000 more persons could be absorbed In various service and .secondary ’ jobs with present Indus- trial and agricultural facilities. The toiler l* now flying one of the new plane* to Victoria from Dnila*. British and Rua- -tun embassies In Rome and shouted PARIS. Horgloge room of the French Foreign Office Treaties for Roumanla. Oeorgrx Vanler, ambassador to France, signed for Canada Vanler affixed his signature to all bul the Bulgarian treaty Can- ada and Bulgaria ne'er officially Abbott said today in n Commons return tabled (or R H Winters r Ubernl. Under other foreign credit* the minister gave these figures: AWUiort Mtf Arj «M *a , ., (UK. fought their way Into the Yugoslav Legation in an unaticcewfful attempt to tear down a Yugoalav flag. C F„ said lost night that although he wo* not in favor of the loudspeaker *,v»- tem on the floor or the Legislature, he would give the new system a fair trial. ' Declaring that a pulp and paper 1 Industry in Alaska would Tequlfe a large supply of additional labor," he added: "Development of the pihp and paper Industry tn a reasonable level of suiitaltied capacity will result In year-around employment of a mini- mum of 6.000 persons In the mills I and forest* " A new air service, With bases at* 1 Victoria and Vancouver, will com- mence operation in the Hprlng of thi* yiar. To be known ax the Wextlnghouae Air Service Ltd., the new company will be operated by two Victorians, veterans of the R. Feb 10 i4 T -Tie* All today signed pence trratle* wl Italy and four other German sail at the meeting place Ule* in a history -making he Italian Constituent A* mony, but the ink wax scarcely dr? Bulgaria, Hungary and Finland -all the price for helping Hitler fo scourge Euioi" 1 — were signed In that order during the afternoon sctelon. •• " '•*••» Iim at Italy observed a 10-mlnute tested ucuinst the new Itauan- Yugos Uv frontier, which creates an International rone around the Port of Trieste-. A*kf*d directly if lie would, or would not u*r the system for hi* first address. Ltd., plant with light weights and Tom Macs and were reported parties from Creed's boathouse. pn £tf 969 „ COOKI** NEURALGIA Don't let the pttile M pain of Neuralgu I* event ytwi from enjoying lllr t»*t fail, •afe relief with T-R-C'a. Here Is a bo* m- Half the country durtipn suspended Noii-r*entl M) pu Industrial pro' r users Dvr hour* dully nr and trollc -b a LAKE SUCCESS. t stating that lhe Commission should "Ninety-tight pei cent of Queens- innke such requests only in the event wood resident* and B8 per cent of there v as reason to believe that Gordon Head resident* have signed | examination of condemned ‘persons petitions protesting application of | would Assist the Commission in its jpe airpark memorial group for re- work ronlng of the category of 57.5 acre* Todays ruling «b made at the in lhe Gordon Head area," he de- ' request of lhe Commission, which clared risked for clarification of It* powers He said information that signa- after the Greek Government hod t ur ps from Ten Mile Point and Cad- proteated against what It called In- boro Bay protesting in a similar would be in the hand* of inspector^ Immigration officer ana police officials before planes could come down on a new airpark IV. Pltrhford said that 67 per cent of all air accidents occurred at landing and taking off arid that property within seven mile* of the airport would depreciate In value. Devers explained noi accompany him on lhe northern Inspection trip ns of the British Gove a representative of t Army * Qiwrterma* British explorer hu In the dr ment. Box PARKER **51” PEN AND PENCIL SETS SJK 21.00 27.00 VALENTINE CARDS General, humorout. were very •s to point* ('ll in a Dollar Tokos Din list overdue directed fifth column " In a letter U» Attorney General Turn Clark, committee chairman J, Parnell Thomas i Rep.-NJ. Plus tax) 98c Gifts From Our Stationery Dcparlmcnl 1.49 IMPORTED STATIONERY Dainty floral spray on each «hr Pink. Other council members urged ne- cessity of careful study of the en- tire plan before any definite action l* taken. ra»» • i*ui Hour*- I to % Daily — f la 133* Saturday last Tuesday, the commission agreed on n new salary schedule for poiftt- rnen from the rank of probationer to sergeant and detective. Indians called Wickaninmsh At one time the late Sir Malcolm Campbell was reported to he seriously considering the location in an atiempt to set a world's speed record with his racing car. Warner, and the Lao ui them Jumped Into another bout and pro- Busy at Nanaimo A total of 18a power saw operators „„ , were- turned out lost year from the “J. mio , „ w „ .,,,'unc KI capri zed of either of the of Thomas continued until dark, but with no results The search will continue today. was the holder of several British Columbia Junior and senior swimming cham- pionships. swimming club, army father In the piano-tuning business. Feb 10.- At the annual mec Ung of Salt Spring Island Athle- tic Club in Mahon Hall. 10 Harry I /I V I I J L l YIl LIN RETIRED CARPENTER DIES NANAIMO. a retired carpenter and resident of Nanaimo 40 years, died today in Nanaimo Hospital. thin motorioi 14 Informed J» Bitdino knot ' M To run out | Ji Rrmatntnf , M To vooh , 34 Polled to folio oult i Houken - 31 Capitol nf lot- 1 to Woman ■ natural ond or Ttter 4| Aquat Ulerfd 4* CTJ Of «o Pootliko port 47 Ttmhor 44 ro'itrlte 40 Anaor M I* o Me to »1 Note of •coir Chapped Shin Meotbolotaoi -“••hr. I chiefly dlrrcted towartl* greater en- | couragement of hunting of pre- I animals Several Institutes | have asked that bounties be raised i’-o on wolves, on cougar* and on coyote*. Plastic and Leatherette Handbags (rued- looking handhag in hei u- vorite (and fashion's, too) plastic . The committee will make a de- I tailed survey and then report to . Windows and doofs were in the four-storey building before Italian poller could restore order. Princes* Elizabeth and Princes* Margaret received the "freedom of the wu’’ today when | the Vanguard crossed the Equator — but the Royal Princesses got off lightly. The new W pay scale bring* local officers' wages ^ tin tn thw laat al V.h ATTENTION. Th* •• Rid* II* hat »ra*rn lt»*lf lb* atil ••Habit trarlai far the Iiland Rrrry I armar. a Call and •*• II In ••* ilttitta- Urmi arran will commence the day with a favor- able impetus Tins Is a good time to . West Coast residents point out completion of a highway from Victoria or Port Alherni would undoubtedly result in promotion of Long Beach at a Summer resort without equal in the province. Salt Spring Island, last Sat- urday evening when the small skiff he and his 14-year -old brother Thomas, were riding captlxed. Thomas was a Grade VIII student at Central Junior High School. tre at by the Department of Veteran* Af- fair* yesterday- The centre fea- lard: social committee, Mrs. Ganges* with Gordon Parsons presiding, re- ports were heard from the sport* | and social committee. Farmers In the Oyster River du- i trlct are seeking compensation from I the Provincial Government for dam- age to crops attributed to a herd of elk which the Game Department is I preserving In that area.

have worn longest Instead of fd and one 0 I the best evidences who has the most stockings? former British squadron leader and his wife, is still too young to realise the historic significance in the flowing christening robe he's wearing. held by his mother, wears the robe in which the famous Scottish heroine Flora Macdonald (bom 1722) was christened. suffered bums about the face and arm* before he was brought to safety by William Frtesen. 10 (CPL— Opposition parties are watching with Interest and not much optimism tomorrow * by-electlon in which O. Byl- vester is expected to retain the Labor party’s seat despite current cri Uclsm of the Government over the coal crisis. f JTtr« by 2 50 pm., and those nllottrd M-ii U, fli the Speaker* and ladles galleries must occupy them not and equipment floor of the City Hall. First reprii* i p thia city using a new process was.id4H#d yesterday on u cracked pistqn thr engine of the Ss. operator* ot the Alaska Steamship Company She will have accommodation for *5 pas- sengers During the war the Corsair wa* used by the British Admiralty as a naval patrol vessel. , ___ TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE HARD OF HEARING Jail Srntrni'c Fi purrs Givi* a OTTAWA. 5:i FLATS AND APARTMENT8 TO RENT fj'O U M'RNWIlt D ATARI MENT. week day* \ PARTMEMT WANTED BY RAN PON alhle young Viriana couple Primin- #n* Bnc *Jl7. furnished nr unfurnished I ffighret referen*** Bos H57. Phona tha Vancouver o Rica, PAcihc 3585 o* w'ita di»ac4 to; »» F Anrlarx'i*. “To state that we ran use money from the sale of lands and other assets merely means that money will not be available for other purposes. The bill received -third reading after brief study Ui committee. The hrandineviau countries— fernter eh am pa— brewed only 16.5 pounds of coffee a person lost year. LG6 ANGELES, Peb, 10 UP/.— An aircraft plant worker. Christensen said French re- and t rumpled to death, lated that Mrs French came to his room, quarreled with him, struck him with her purse and left. The commi ttee will also ask Mayor Percy E Georp* "tt T~ordcr a cleanup of tons of old records lord on the top , f OI KT HNKS TW» “ * VB nvd T Kirh . Tatterxall t* a member of Glasgow Scout the Royal Navy, and h U wife realdes Thursday at 8 pin Elvina m a heavy snowstorm In at Cardiff. Mexico on a combined go* ptlng Tic- A capacity audience enthusiastic- land- Searching parties and navy „|V received t»o- new dunce comedy , dlvmf operation* have fail.-d to find Barbara ' by Tmdl Schoop and her 1 either of the men or the plane. The versatility ot Tnidi Hchuop and her company was most note- worthy. meaning to open, pertaining to the Opening of buds i Moasrity for early .dlagnpbb °* oaierday from Vancouver bant explained "But the itn- | port ant j K*int i* that there arr only i three known «ure* for ranerr — surgery X-ray and radium He strewed the only hope lor afflicted person* was to report to a doctor before the condition had There . LIMITFO INTUTMt ST str-i aiiita NKW YORK VANCOUVER MONTREAL TORONTO I nlon Rullglng, CM Gartrnairnl Strut. WIKNIFM LONDON, ENGLAND Trlrph»nr,i F 4I7I-J • Ta bay er aafl • m- aorl Ty er ta afcufca • aantii* *i ua grra yaa kn»"*t#4 «*• •aroc* IMMEDIATE DELIVERY QUANTITY CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS Get Your Building Up Quickly and / y Economically With CENTURY BLOCKS C f*4’,|HGf» AIR MAtl ah rv**m FERRY Don't Flip a Coin When ^mir Savings Are at Stake Xy-ANTED TO RS4- » » ar rlitrk*n ra*v-b Rn* na S. e*rept free- wandering comet#, move round their ij prlmortea In an elliptic r! L WUaon wrre presented handsome fountain pen* for the capable way in which they judged the aoclety'* recent •how. Canada Oraln Act to the House agthullmal cuaunilie K for further study. Brasil, the leading coffee pro- ducer did not place In Ihe roro- the tes-drinklng Thr Dcteiux Minister said that change had been made ln»i year and he felt that generally the pen- sion provklun* were "very fair and very generous." Also, he said, men who served in the non-permanent forces before Much 31, 1946, would have the option of remaining under the old system or switching over to tho new one. 10 (CPi — Nylon ft long-wearing qualities are a boon to the women who wear "nylons ' and the men who pay for them— but a headache to the meu who make them. Blrmlngham^/pro- fessor or Greek who was ^e^Hrlga- dler tot wartime, and Dr. 31 -year-old J Frank French, was quea Uoned by West Loa Angeles Police for sev- eral hours tonight after the semi- nude body of his estranged wife, Jeanne. tt^O C unata nc^ r j nu«\ was lined when he appeared •l m EMj Uimalt police court on a it charge of uasilulllng John Palmer, e 1221 Lyalt Street, on January (5 A motorist wa.- fined for exceeding it the speed limit through a school is rone. The music vu character- ized by perfect timing on the pari of the wwr, pianists.. rfrt q past iu uilginal growth, or less Rf .j c Mi Us, executive secretary reviewed the alnf* of Inside Passage to Ketchikan. orbit MILL END ROOFING 1, 2 and 3 PLY FELT or STUCCO BASE Capital Iron & Metals Ltd. to p "v l86 and stealing a ring of over the value of *25. ae one of our least important pro- jects which should be held for a time be viewed In proper perspective. ‘ / Victoria arid Vicinity airtetr-vurrred vain 'in ca-l 15 fflpii ; UMU tlw CMl.OMo T ILLt PHONE* Empire 4114 t mplre 4114 Advertising Business Office 41: Uiiihmunt Circulation Job Printing Editorial Room* Social Editor O ardrn 6241 E mplre 4111 il ! 51 — EIGHTY-NINTH VEAK arcs for Legislature's Mi Session Provincial Got eminent Prep Military Court Given Warning \ ole "for Vnotlier Day Oil.

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