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Hand crept down gradually and I felt this huge dick inside his underwear -- totally hard. We had to be really quiet (2 guys in the other bed sleeping). Later on, in the privacy of our room back at school, we continued with full-out sex with each other, but the hottest memory of him is the first time I felt his cock through his underwear. When I was home from college one summer I went to my hometown gay dance club with a fake ID.Lots of kissing and body contact, and I got to jack off that big cock (he liked it dry, for some reason). I met a couple (one older- early 40's, one younger mid 20's) that where both pretty hot.The biggest cock I ever personally handled was on a guy I met at a bar.

The worst thing was that he'd been fucking me all summer, bareback. I love how the druggies think we're retarded for not knowing their lingo, especially about some drug that peaked in popularity about 2 decades ago.I slapped and spanked him and the harder I hit him the bigger he got.He loved servicing my feet and socks and would gag himself with dirty socks from the hamper.He was also Irish (so much for the "Irish problem").The funny thing was, the guy was a total bottom and deeply masochistic.

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