Failed when validating user through authentication service

Make sure your usernames/userids are case insensitive.User 'smith' and user 'Smith' should be the same user. For high security applications usernames could be assigned and secret instead of user-defined public data.Occasionally, we find systems where passwords aren't case sensitive, frequently due to legacy system issues like old mainframes that didn't have case sensitive passwords.The password change mechanism should require a minimum level of complexity that makes sense for the application and its user population.For example: It is common for an application to have a mechanism that provides a means for a user to gain access to their account in the event they forget their password.Please see Forgot Password Cheat Sheet for details on this feature.Session Management is a process by which a server maintains the state of an entity interacting with it.

TLS Client Authentication, also known as two-way TLS authentication, consists of both, browser and server, sending their respective TLS certificates during the TLS handshake process.

It is critical for a application to store a password using the right cryptographic technique.

Please see Password Storage Cheat Sheet for details on this feature.

Just as you can validate the authenticity of a server by using the certificate and asking a well known Certificate Authority (CA) if the certificate is valid, the server can authenticate the user by receiving a certificate from the client and validating against a third party CA or its own CA.

To do this, the server must provide the user with a certificate generated specifically for him, assigning values to the subject so that these can be used to determine what user the certificate should validate.

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