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And when settling onto the couch for a movie later that night, why wouldn't I want to hold onto a boob??Two people in a relationship should enjoy each others physical presence.Where I live, they outlawed cell phones while driving (except the hands-free contraptions), but they haven't outlawed any hands in cars. There are "tricks", a professional term, and then there are "tricks", to entertain. The men in my life would have smacked my hand away if I touched their genitals when driving a car, for example.) Well... As long as she is OK with it, I would touch my SO whenever I could.

Its not intended as foreplay, it is an end in itself, while we are both fully clothed.I just happen to like touching him, and he likes being touched.Seems that should be how every touch, kiss, caress, all without "territorial" concerns, and reaching out to an Other, always happens.Most I have been with act like my noodle would bite them or something. Its an intimate touch, done only with that SO, because you CAN.If I didnt chase them around then nothing would happen.... And falling asleep with her holding me, is just cool. I enjoy giving butt squeezes as our paths cross on a busy chores Saturday.

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It was a day for her to do what ever she wanted with my junk(all day).

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