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However, quality is also the ability to find alternative solutions more suited to the customer’s needs, the guarantee of competitive lead times and compliance with agreed delivery dates. Furthermore, for the next years, Phoenix has already scheduled to enter inside ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001.Our products meet the highest standards on the market.Initially the first dies made for the extrusion of basic profile shapes.

In February 2016, the company’s original founders and shareholders and the private equity fund sold their stakes to another prestigious fund, rooted in the continent’s major economies, through a transaction carefully planned over time and aimed at anticipating future international scenario.In these last years, the alu-profiles gain a lot of share inside the façades especially in high tech skyscrapers in many worldwide regions.Dies used for the extrusion of profiles used in this industry to build the structure of the car (bumpers, shock absorbers, anti-intrusion bars, engine supports) in addition to luxury accessories (window frames, internal design).Today, Phoenix attaches great importance to the automotive sector, which is sharply growing, with intensive research aimed at reducing emissions and weights.Dies used for extrusion of profiles with the final destination inside the residential and commercial building.

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