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Local dlstrlbu Uns cnmpanlcs plan- waw, WH at vnrl L ' , . As there was ro outside water to lieht the blaze, he called t he KImberly fire d e part ment, ■'Flre-fl Bhlln B eq Ulpiiicnllroni KIiri- berly. Montr Oct.-H tf T— An explosion and fire In a deluxe house Ui UIer burned nine person*— two fats Uy. Stewart Matlhewj, Seattle, plans to spend 13 million dollars In expanding exls Ung serv- ice and openln E nc W'Scrvlcc to cus- tomers In Be Ulnshain, Anocortcs, Bremerton, Bhelto'n, Wenatchee, Yakima. J3cck_h Ji|LJcen imloadlng Jiccts-a L Threat Seen NEW YORK. 1* (in— Cranston ^yllllams, Bcneral mnnn Rcr ol Uie American Newspaper' - Publls Jiers' association, warned the publ Lihers today that they faced an economic threat which possibly could close some newspapers and Impoverish ^3 of others. R will pipe the na Utral Rns I.1GI mlle3--from - Colorado and Ne W Mexico io B fields to local dlslrlbu- lors and tieavy Industrial user, Idaho, Oregon and Washln Rton, last major area In Che country now served by natural eos. Dlers, itabid Fc Eiy came rutmlof Into his bomo Just before pjn., shouting that her houw was on fire Runnlnic acrosa the road, Card- well found the northeast comer of the house afire. both Jerome, were fined t SS and t3 costs each Thursday by Ooodlng Police Judge Ramon En- on charges of speeding. Lu Uier was cited by clly police for mak- ing the ttltgat "U" turn Tuesdnv evening at Eighth avenue and Main street. Me wns admitted lo the hospital about noon Thursday. Dnrrlngton, who hod been work- ing on the new LDS church In Declo, was on his way for more material when the child darted In front of his car. Uaderiocs Suriery Herbert It Csrlson, Ifl, son of Mr. »-le Il-hantl- English Plane -Smashes -Into' Ocean Swells LOND0. Car wllh amall American flag at Uched„ta radio ■erlai.

An alarm was called to the KImberl; fh-o depar Unent about p.m. It «, 'i j CT ^rfa J Two Idaho Towns Grant Franchises For Natural Gas BOISE. H Ifl-Uountal Home and Emmelt have granted natural gaa distribution franchises to Idaho Natural Oaa company, ■farin ging -i'"' "" _ _ mpany franchises In southern Idaho to ID.

Oc L H — Karen Mat- thews, a H-year-old daughter of Mr. John Matthews, Declo, is In crl Ucal condl Uon hi thi! Amon E other Injuries, the child la believed to have a skull fracture.

' Cottage -hospltol-iiv Jlurlejuw Itb Injurlas-rs- cclved-when struck by an automo- Dllc nnveti Uy^. She was hit when she darted across Iho road In front ot Dorrln Eton's car, police reported. 375 Lincoln street, waa to undergo spe- cial surgery today lo bone structure -' '-" ' ' ^ n d- HTl s K ,.

Meanwhile the Premier will try to work out a lltesn Tlns maneuver s Uch aa spared his government last Sunday on tha qucs Uon of Morocco,. If the EOvemmcnt loses ad Jiuealloa of conlldence, It resigns. Welker said, and he gave vuiv-u, - nere,[up I£'""^j^*^^^fw^n S^ ^iiiored "by: the Ulahl-'.'I felt like aumg him f Peaiaon).)l t Si^^^wma^ liinlin^^^ he County Republican Women's dub. 1^ Durln E peak flows Uie ta Us 'w Ul 1 carry In exc CM ot IS. route 1, Twin Falls, ram- frt In'" 111 ' — ---^ - Y-Wlnia to Meet The The Y-WIve» will meet a S pjn. JO laat nliht,., ■ ■The prospect of any survivors looks bad." the ipokeaman said, _ The navy said the wrec)uge ai thi b Une, a Neptune llks those used by the U. navy, was sighted early th U momlng by the frigate Wicard. Man with- raki .chasing dog down street for acat- terlng h U pile ot leaves, , , Ex- perienced waitress tnitruc Ung i^ew waitress in proper manner of serving customers.

- Faure'a seven-month-old gorem- menniiia^bcni"lrrdlfftatltl ES"Bmca — the Morroccan debate. but you people of Idaho didn't acnd U turer as Wiuiam mnwii, """" i . OOO acre fe«t \ but this eununer, «mi no wal« I -telling pitt MUner dam, tha only I water thai ha* been ttowlng owe I the falla has been that "Melth M 1 been led tat* 8Mk6 rtw I from sprtan »* tn^»"«", V5S \ wa Ur bclweefl Iho dsm lod Ua J falls. It was about 3D miles from where the 300-lon wooden trawler Elnar OUfsson lay wallowing In heavy seas. Bicycle liden running red light at tnier- aection of Shoshone street and Sixth avenue cut. , Hom-honklng mo- tor Ul-'niahlng pedestrians -Un Wir H intertectlon.

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IDAHO, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1955 PRICE 6 CENTS ice Fall I't Seen I Values 1 i Mod»W Tttu , of an airriculturc In C showed today Tereis any pessimism Banners over farm f^tci It is not show- r.boominp farm real [irkc L Meanwhile, in |r department office it wages for Idaho jias are higher than fbynn average of |J le Vid monthly, 30 rthoje paid daily and Its lor those paid I aim 0. jiatnt Mill the s Uenath i Uodniiiitc Klnrliii U)c tnem (piitment wbere ' ta iquilor with their d Uitlr piren LL . thin William I S-T»r-Dld uncni' It hid kepi hitn Iratn ud till Bife Here charaf d il Btll Klof Ihclr family :i! Filer and Muruugh ans Wertd the alarm, but could do nothlnic to save tlie fost-bumln E wooden stnic Atlcr tumln R In Uie alarm. The convicted Williams has been remanded to the custody of Sheriff Jnmcs Dcnliam for delivery to the place of confinement. Paul; Oscnr Kerncr, Shoshone: Kenneth Eld- rldge, Carey: R. Harper, Malu, and Chester Lnraen and Enieat naaland, both Twin Falls'. Toppenlsh, Granger, Zlllah, □randvlew, Suimyslde, Prosser, Walla Walla, Burllnirton, Port Or- chard, Colleca Place, Wash.; Eugene, Springfield and Jandleton, Ore.; Lew Uton,-ld Q:,^ind llx 'iltlier cities where franchise appllca Uoiis are pending. Dry Con Unucd wnrm Ui and Ut Ue moisture ore predicted In the five -day weather forecast re- ceived vis Associated Press.

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