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Around the second month we started doing things together, dating, going to shows, bowling, going on double dates etc.Things got highly emotional and we ended up somehow making out again and then fucking another time. I wrote this message a couple of times but I never sent it, I wanted to apologize for my actions this past weekend, if it upsets you or hurt you anyways I am a confused individual who doesn't know what she wants, who's past relationship messed her up and is afraid to get involved with another because it is too soon. Going out whereever I want, hanging out with who ever I want doing whatever I want and not having to check in or explain myself. The girl is usually always in the position of wanting more out of the relationship than the guy. Afterwards we hung out on the couch kind of meaninglessly rambling about things. because I feel once you get to know me you"ll eventually get bored annoyed and leave. What I do know is that I enjoy spending time with you. She always want to get more involved, and the guy is supposed to be living his free life doing whatever he wants, not wanting to get tied down. If you do response, I would suggest just being really chill, not needy, and just say you enjoy the time together too. She told herself no relatiionships and no commitments for a long time.She told me she just wants to keep things the way they are. I understand your situation and actually have been in something similar before.

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Anyway, I've been dating a girl for about 5 months.

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