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""After trying multiple creams, lotions etc which all, without exception, produced painful burning and intense irritation I asked for a sample of Yes WB, used it and found it very soothing for intense vulvodynia pain.My GP then prescribed a tube which I am now using frequently - a little goes a long way and Yes, we are worth it!Now if you could do something for achy hips and knees I'd be well away!!! I went away recently and forgot to pack it and ended up using soap. My symptoms have all cleared completely and I feel comfortable and well which I attribute to the daily application of Yes VM. I was prescribed HRT cream to aid healing but didn't want to use it long term. ""Yes plant oil based are quite useful for a busy working single woman like me. Thank you sincerely and also thank you for not making your products super expensive. ""I was given HRT for dryness three years ago by a doctor, this made things much worse and caused more dryness and ripping of my vaginal wall during sex.It was recommended by my local health food store and I have found it very effective. I struggle to have sex as it's very painful but with Yes I have managed to have some sexual contact with my husband.""I have been using YES WB and OB for about twelve months now. I went through menopause and intercourse was painful. Thank you so much our lives are so improved and with my husband being 15 yrs younger than me this is so important.

Happily going to continue using Yes products and wish I'd just bought another bottle asap instead of trying something different. Me and my partner love it so much, the feel is so soft and sexy really is the best thing out there for setting the mood and having fun in the bedroom!I've tried over the counter creams but they make me so sore and the applicators scratch me inside. I love your products, especially the OB lube and the unfragranced wash. ""It helps lubricate me so sex is not painful, even with dealing with the vulvadynia and post-hysterectomy vaginal dryness. An excellent combo and I've had no issue with infections! I had tried other products in the past which only caused irritation.This applicator is the best and the fact you don't have to mess around refilling and washing the applicator out always thinking reusing it I could get an infection. Vaginal atrophy is painful all day long and using just one tube gave me instant comfort. I VERY much appreciate it not feeling gooey or slimy, and providing the slide I need. ""We tried it because other products were sticky and dried out after a while. I'm super excited to try the intimate wash, and add it to my overall vaginal health routine. Your VM product is so gentle and provides immediate relief with no nasty side effects or discomfort.I didn't purchase the cream, but did search for alternatives. It brings spontaneity, freedom and joy to our love making.I purchased Yes and when I went for my annual this year, she advised that my vaginal walls were fine. Yes products help us, as a mature couple, to enjoy the pleasures of an intimate life together.

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""My OBGYN advised that my vaginal walls were thinning and dry.

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