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Tip no.3: find a position that is simultaneously comfortable for both you and your partner, and affords the person being penetrated most (if not all) of the control.

No matter what your past influences have been personally, don’t allow all that to get in the way of your pleasure. When enjoyed the right way, it gives pleasure, heals and allows humans to connect with one another on one of the most intimate levels you can ever achieve with another human being.

A bilingual teacher narrates her story of how poetry influenced her life and approach to teaching.

Through spoken word, she was able to connect with at-risk students who found an outlet for their feelings through words.

Watch Video What is a #sidehustle and why do over 44 million Americans have one?

In this enlightening talk, Liz Navarro answers these questions and shares side hustle stories from one of the trend’s largest demographics: Millennial women.

As an advocate fighting for society’s most vulnerable people, political activist Mercedes Fulbright shares her story about the legacy trauma leaves as she unpacks her shame and Imposter Syndrome. You watched your entire village burn to the ground.

In a heartfelt, honest talk at TEDx SMUWomen, she reveals how the shift in perception has shaped and influenced her work in dismantling systems of oppression. People heal from the smallest to largest assaults on their humanity every day, and when we look at the basic components for how people heal, we realize so can we.

In my talk, I want to show you exactly what it’ll take to shift that focus and take action towards these ideals.Every aspect of sex is a wonderful world that should be explored without judgment. Your sexuality is beautiful, and it’s more then okay to like what you like how you like it. And mass media perpetuated the idea that “good girls” or “ladies” don’t engage in (or truly savor) such carnal and lustful behavior.For many of us, there existed more than a few internal walls to scale in order to open up to and enjoy the back-door play experience.

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If you walk into any packed Black hair salon or Black barbershop on a Saturday and ask “What are your thoughts and feelings about anal sex? You’ll probably find a few sistas whose ambivalence about the subject may bloom from a lack of interest and/or education.

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