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He spent a month in the hospital, and removed the first rods in October ’06. (Luckily, Heechul wore a seatbelt that night.) After a few months he made his comeback, standing on a plateform.

Heechul then stated he needed to immediately hear the song, “Hands Up“, as he was curious about her lyrics.

I’m single now, but I wouldn’t know what to do when I have a girlfriend in the future.” Another member of Super Junior, Shindong joked, “Women tend to think that they can change Kim Heechul.

They try to change him for about 3 months and they give up: they dump him.

Women only want their boyfriends to care about them and them only. [ 484, -16] If he were my boyfriend, I'd be really stressed over all the female friends he has...7.

[ 424, -7] He's the type of guy who looks like he would've dated around a lot but really hasn't8.

”Meanwhile Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, Miss A’s Suzy, Lee Gwanggi, Lee Young Ah, Kang Min Kyeong, Kim Jin Woo, Kwon Min Jung, Rainbow’s Ko Woori, Christina appeared on the show.

’” Kim Heechul said, “In 2010, I went out with a celebrity and I talked with my boss and press agent beforehand to write an article that I had chased after her if scandal breaks out.Kim Heechul confessed about his previous relationships.Kim Heechul confessed, “Like many misunderstand, I had girlfriends in the past. A [#2] FLIGHT LOG : TURBULENCE Release Date: 20 Tracklist: 01. Let Me [#1] MAD Winter Edition Release Date: 20 Tracklist: 01.

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