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Discover Friendlier Foreign Women, Authentic People and Saner Cultures, Lower Cost Living, Healthier Food, Greater Freedoms and More! /#comments Interesting article about Westernized Indian women who are increasingly out-marrying to other races (namely Whites, even Black and East Asian men).

On the flip side, Indian women are somewhat better endowed physically than East Asian women (on average). I suppose if an Indian cut-off contact from their parents and other family, an inter-racial relationship might stand a chance. Wow, Taco and Ghost: are Indian women really that bad?

Wow, Taco and Ghost: are Indian women really that bad? I know a Korean guy married to an Indian women--and they seem happy.

Can you guys tell me what some of you and your friends' experiences were? White guy #1: got his Indian girlfriend pregnant at 16 yrs old, she got an abortion so her father and brother didn't kill her boyfriend White guy #2: wanted a long term relationship with his Indian girlfriend but parents in both families were very against it.

Stayed up for several nights vomiting just worrying about it White guy #3: had a casual relationship with an Indian woman in her 20's.

She informed him they could have sex together but they could not date or be seen together in public I've heard some Indian guys will threaten you if they see you with an Indian woman in public. I don't know where the guys get Indians Guys will beat you up for Dating "Their Women" (Yes MUSLIM / PAKISTANI Men in the UK may do that), but even that it is only the Ghettos/Lower Income Areas, and stuff Families will kill her (again MUSLIMS).

Actually the US and Canadian IR Rate for South-Asians (Indians) is fairly 40% 2nd Gen (about 10-15% 1st Gen), I suspect the majority will IR in the 3rd Generation.

And some Indian men are writing negative comments about Indian women--preferring White women instead.

Thanks Many Hindus are still bound by the cast system.

It would be interesting to know if Christian peoples in India are more open to interracial marriage. Its like we are created to attract sh*t Its all just mere grass is greener and exotic Psy-op our minds plays.... There is nothing special about Indian women really unless you are bored with life....

and i'm indian....i have been called the worst kind of racist..indian men, b/c i choose not the date them...though my preference is based on cultural behaviour and norms that i know of and have experienced firsthand and am not interested in being a part of.

i engage, associate and do business with indian people...i just don't date them.

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Also I think IR depends very much on Education/Class of the Indians...

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