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A common theme in some of these shootings is that the firearms used are legally owned.I think it is only right that we consider options now, rather than endure a similar tragedy here”.Any individual who partakes or supports such an arrangement is committing a crime as the sale and purchase of wildlife is strictly licensed.In addition income arising from such an arrangement would need to be declared to the revenue commissioners resulting in a likely tax liability.

The Minister added: “Mass shootings have happened in other jurisdictions over the past number of years with tragic consequences.It is also alleged the AGHE as part of their approach suggest that once the individual has completed their Trained Person/Hunter requirements for the sale of game to AGHE’s, they can sign off on the carcasses they purchase as having met the necessary inspection requirements.Again this is incorrect and an offence as the requirements state “person (trained person/hunter) was present when the animal was shot”.The Wild Deer Association of Ireland is a key stakeholder in the consultation process and we will seek the views of our members over the coming weeks before making a comprehensive submission.Minister Fitzgerald announces publication of report on firearms licensing Minister seeks submissions from public on proposed changes to licensing system Thursday 13 November, 2014 Frances Fitzgerald TD, Minister for Justice and Equality, has today published the report of the Garda Síochána / Department of Justice and Equality Working Group established to conduct a review of firearms licensing.

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These criminals are most active between the hours of dusk and dawn, if you suspect deer poaching is taking place, never approach, take note of all relevant details including vehicle registration and contact your local Garda station immediately.

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