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Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer come to a halt on their way back from a Mets game and waste no time in angering those enjoying the parade.

The episode in question features a 17-year-old boy ingesting a large dose of Viagra and running down the street with his erection on show to the world (though only his behind is visible to the viewer)—which U. producers could get away with, seeing as how the age of consent in Britain is 16. The Parents Television Council was quick to react, insisting that the Department of Justice open an investigation into what they deemed the exploitation of minors on series.It wasn't the first murder to be blamed on Showtime's hit crime drama.In 2008, aspiring Canadian filmmaker Mark Twitchell (who had been going under the name Dexter Morgan on Facebook) lured two men to his home under the pretense of making a horror film about a sword-wielding mass murderer.A Freedom of Information request revealed in detail the nature of the complaints sent to the FCC about the show's content, with one concerned mother urging the authorities to review an episode that depicts naked dolls being manipulated into graphic sexual acts.She wasn't the only complainant looking for the primetime show to be censored; in fact, one Texas viewer urged a complete review of TV censorship laws.

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