Intimidating shout macro target

Let me understand this currectly - right now you can whack the target until the timer runs out and it DOES NOT break on damage?

If you are an Orc, is the best choice in this tier. The target you use it on will deal significantly less damage if they are attacking anyone else besides you.This is a very strong stun when enemy teams are grouped up.Having a stun that hits multiple targets can help peel for your teammates or apply pressure to teams that are grouped together. This passive helps when securing a kill, dealing damage the lower the health an enemy has.A Warrior can easily swap from target to target and have the ability to start crushing them.Regular talents work in both Pv P and Pv E content (although they may sometimes work differently in the two environments, which is indicated by their tooltips). On the other hand, Honor talents are inactive outside of a Pv P environment.

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This is a great way for you or your teammates to catch up to a ranged DPS that is running away.

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