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The Iraqi High Criminal Court recognized the Halabja massacre as an act of genocide on March 1, 2010, a decision welcomed by the Kurdistan Regional Government.The attack was also condemned as a crime against humanity by the Parliament of Canada.Within minutes, artillery rounds began to explode in Halabja and planes began dropping bombs on the town.The bombing was concentrated on the northern neighborhoods, so we ran and hid in our basement.

Zalim Saddam uyguladığı bu vahşet ile insanların tepkisini çekmemek için Kuran’daki Enfal Suresinin ismini alarak, gerçekleştirdiği operasyona Enfal Operasyonu demiştir.

When I awoke, there were hundreds of bodies scattered around me.

After that I took shelter again in a nearby basement and the area was engulfed by an ugly smell.

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, as the intensity of the bombing wound down, I carefully sneaked out of the basement to the kitchen and carried food to my family.

When the bombing stopped, we began to hear noises that sounded like metal pieces falling on the ground. I saw things that I won't forget for as long as I live. I think the car was rolling over the bodies of innocent people.

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But because of the fear for the Iranian Islamic regime, he didn't proclamate his name even though this picture won a Pulitzer Prize.

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