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Between 581 and 693 many Jews were compelled to leave Spain as a result of the persecutions of the Visigoth kings who, while forcing them to accept baptism, also adopted draconian measures against them.

According to later traditions, thousands of Spanish Jews had settled in Africa by 693.

There was also an important center of learning in Sijilmassa (ancient capital of Tafilalet oasis).

Scholars were to be found in the Atlas region, in Aghmāt; of these, there is information on the talmudist Zechariah b. In Fez studies were carried on continuously; it was for this reason that Maimonides and his family settled there after leaving Spain during the persecution of the Almohads.

, the Carthaginian gold market was situated in Morocco.

On this historical basis, an ancient legend relates that some five centuries before the Carthaginian expansion, in the days of Solomon and the Phoenicians, the Hebrews came to Sala (Chella) in the vicinity of Salé (Rabat) in order to purchase gold in large quantities.

The latter is in Greek, while one of the inscriptions of Volubilis is in Hebrew.Their dispersion in all the regions was one of the principal reasons for their economic strength at the time.The story goes that the inhabitants of Fez revolted against the ruler Yaḥya (860), who had violated the chastity of a Jewish girl.Following the establishment of Israel in 1948, many Jews were forced to leave Morocco.Today, the Jewish population of Morocco stands at approximately 2,500 people.

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