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“The same exposure,” Perry wrote, “also allowed one to be adored in uncommon ways.” Reggie Jackson, more than anything, wanted to be adored.He was the second pick in the 1967 draft — the Mets famously took Steve Chilcott with the first pick.Jackson actually had more strikeouts (2,597) than hits (2,584) which was a rather astonishing achievement at the time. October” and “The Straw That Stirs The Drink” and the “Reg-gie, Reg-gie” chant. Jackson always says he was a better football player than baseball player.He remains the only player with more than 2,500 strikeouts and 2,500 hits. He made himself one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He, perhaps more than any player of his time, strived to become heroic and celebrated and larger than life … It has been written on many occasions — it is also in Dayn Perry’s book on Reggie — that Reggie Jackson was such a good high school football player that he was heavily recruited by both Georgia and Alabama, even though neither school had ever had a black football player.* Jackson himself does not seem to claim this, and I must admit being skeptical that he was really recruited to integrate those schools.He eventually signed to play football at Arizona State with the hope of playing a little baseball on the side. His baseball tryout at Arizona State became something of legend — three or four homers in seven or eight swings — and after quitting football* he became an All-American baseball player his sophomore year and set the school record for home runs.*Reggie Jackson quitting Arizona State football was an inevitability, when you consider that Arizona’s football coach was legendarily strict Frank Kush.Felker and his wife separated in February, around the same time he opened while on tour with Lambert.It is not believed his time on tour with Lambert had anything to do with his marriage ending.

The Mets denied this through the years, and their missed opportunities in the first couple of years in the draft does support their case.

Now, it is true that Reggie Jackson was standing right next to us when Sundberg said it — Reggie nodded kind of knowingly — but Sundberg has said the same thing on other occasions.

He explained how Jackson used to anticipate pitches, how he used to goad pitchers into challenging him, how he would do things with outside pitches than Sundberg has never seen anyone else do. “This guy was the smartest hitter I ever saw.” Let me just say: I love that.

Only one year earlier, Alabama governor George Wallace had stood at the door of an Alabama auditorium to symbolically block entry of two black students.

King’s “I Have A Dream” seminal speech had only been uttered a few months before.

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