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Visitors will enjoy a tour through the museum and the factory, an inspiring painting demonstration, and a visit to the showroom with the complete collection of classical and modern pottery on display.In the Munt Tower (Munttoren) in Amsterdam you can also visit a subsidiary of the Royal Delft Experience. For example, you could combine a guided tour of the museum and the factory with a workshop, during which you could paint your own tile or plate, or enjoy a high tea.The world-famous Delft blue pottery is still painted entirely by hand according to centuries-old traditions.During the Royal Delft Experience, you will be taken on a journey through the present, past and the future of the centuries-old pottery.

You’ll find them just south of the city of Arles, between the two arms of the Rhône delta and the Mediterranean Sea.Royal Delft , the famous Delftware manufacturer therefore has some new accessories ISOLATED introduced, as Delft blue placemats.Made of plastic and printed with a recognizable Delftware scene of two peacocks. In the same Delft Blue Non Ceramic collection of Royal Delft there is also a laptop bag and a wine cooler bag. The Delft blue mat is 43 cm wide x 29 cm high and is made of plastic which can be cleaned easily. The origins of the world famous Delft pottery date back to the early 1600s.Contemporary Dutch design with a historical flavor. The Delft Blue bags by Royal Delft are made of soft and strong synthetic neoprene rubber which is waterproof and well protected against sunlight and heat, making it ideal material for these accessories.The origins of the world famous Delft pottery date back to the early 1600s.

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