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However, the media climate is not healthy in Ukraine.

Most newspapers, radio stations and TV channels are owned by one of five billionaire oligarchs who willing to lose lots of money in exchange for having their outlets serve as political platforms or levers of influence.

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The brazen killing of exiled Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko in the Ukrainian capital Kiev highlights the dangers of working as a journalist in Russia.Unlike most Ukrainian media, which are owned by powerful and politically connected oligarchs, we have no partisan political agenda. We call ourselves the World's Window on Ukraine, and it's certainly true for English-language readers.We, like other news organizations, want to make a successful transition to the digital world.What advantages do registered users have over other visitors? BONNER: Eventually the entire industry will have to go to a paywall, including the Kyiv Post.Newspapers made the mistake not doing this from the start of the Internet age, in my opinion.

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